Koinonia - A flinta* skate community movie

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“Even though skateboarding is an individual sport, it thrives from the community and so is Koinonia a project to capture this feeling and especially to represent women and queers / flinta* people in the skate scene in Innsbruck.” 

Boobiebrettler is a FLINTA* community based in Austria that we had the pleasure to share some moments with during last year's Girls Rule Project in Innsbruck.

Boobiebrettler Summer 2023 was all about working on this project. The idea was to skate and film street spots in Innsbruck with only Flinta* people. The video project tried to capture the quite big community in this small town, with all its diversity and levels. The outcome is a mix of scenery and artistic pictures of Innsbruck, emerging into street spots all over the mountain town.

All the skaters have been really creative and brought their personal touch and interpretation to the different places. Even though it is a skate edit, the most important thing – the community and the fun which comes with it, is seen and felt during the whole video.

Most of the video was filmed and edited by Locke, animations and administrative tasks were done by Dora and Anna (Conda).

*Flinta is a german gender inclusive term addressing women, lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans- and a-gender people.




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