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Dolores Zine Lab Vol.1

Dolores Zine Lab Vol.1

This time we teamed up with Vans and we spent together a weekend sharing our most creative side: in the morning we build a new obstacle at Picnic DIY and in the afternoon we did a zine workshop: The Dolores Zine Lab.
This zine is the result.

Printed in 200gr Cuché Paper (cover) and 150gr Offset Matte Paper (interior) 30 pages full of fun and all the things we love.
Aimi Brady
Amy Ram
Anna Ulldemolins
Cristina Sánchez
Laura Asir
Marina del Villar
Marina Gasolina
Martina Cores
Mery Elo
Mercè Bitel
Mercè Iserte
Miriam Bayón
Paola Flores
Roxana Botu
Raisa Abal
Verónica Trillo

All the profits obtained from the sale of this fanzine will be used to print our next edition: Dolores 6.
♡ Thank you for your support♡