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This Miller flip will be in the History books.

Gnarathon officially kicks off the summer skate event season! Our friends from Brav Skatemag invited us to share the weekend with them in the first edition of the Vienna City Gnarathon.

An incredible opportunity to revisit the beautiful Austrian city and skate non-stop for four days.

Leti Nogueira doing a boardslide
Leti boardsliding
Ruby - Fs 50-50
Flinta group pic at the first spot
Jylu doing a kickflip out of the Carhartt obstacle
July kickflipping the Carhartt obstacle
Viktoria kickflipping out of the kicker
Viktoria kickflip out of the Independent kicker (downhill!!!!)
Roxana receiving the Concrete Jungle Foundation 'NO QUIT' Award!
Anna was the MVP in the FLINTA cathegory <3 The fastest and the highest!
Steffi was in charge of the cash at the different jams!
Gnarathon set an example for skate events all over the world. This is what skateboarding is all about: inclusivity and creating safe spaces where everyone feels welcome.
Thank you for the inspiration and well done Vienna City Gnarathon!
Here Leyla was calling their friends from Perú we saw building in the new Concrete Jungle Foundation documentary.
In addition, the Friday before the event, Brav Skatemag convened a FLINTA session at St Marx DIY, where we talked a little about our process with Dolores Mag and also Jojo and gave a clothing recycling workshop in which they gave a new use to garments were already conceived as 'garbage'.
You will see more about all our adventures in Vienna in the new Dolores 8.
Jo-jo and telling the story behind their worksho and the good things about recycle and re-using clothes.
From left to right: Maité, Leti, Roxana, Sofi, Leyla and Caro. World is so small, right?

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