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Two weeks ago we went to New York to celebrate Beatrice Domond's new colorway for Vans. Spent a few daydreaming days there with her and the Vans family. The program was perfectly adjusted and we enjoyed four days of very cool dinners, skates, and media meetings.
Other magazines like Place, Skate Jawn, Free, Thrasher and Jenkem were there, our friend Norma, and Rey Choto too, what made the crew the perfect combination.
The firsrt day got the pleasure to try the new Zahba Mid by Beatrice and interviewed her for our next issue.
Nelly Morville, Jackie Michel, Dayana Young and Breana Geering were there too. The show was served <3
Jackie Michel gifted us with this boneless.
Norma Ibarra y Rey Choto, my dreams media team!
Danikah, one of my European new friends :D
Kava, one of the founders of Bronx Girls Skate.Tee off backpack on. Dayana is just from another planet <3
The Harold Hunter sesh crew!
After all the skate sessions, Keep Sake premiere, the new Vans video by Shari White.
And after all we visited some cool places in Manhattan.
Thank you Vans for having us and let us spend with you so many good times. SEE TOU SOON!

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